Tianjin Desalination Plant in China: Partnership Success for SDIC & IDE Technologies

China’s Largest Desalination Plant

China’s SDIC (State Development and Investment Corporation) needed a reliable and sustainable supply of clean water near the Tianjin power plant, 200km northeast of Beijing. The Tianjin desalination plant provides high quality drinking water for the local population, as well as industrial boiler make up and process water for the power plant.

IDE’s Multi-Effect Distillation solution is a win-win concept. The Tianjin Beijing Power Plant is a mega-size engineering system composed of a power plant, seawater desalination plant and salt production from brine, and is managed as an integrated system in which all three parts are interdependent on one another.


Capacity: 200,000 m3/day
Technology: Multi-Effect Distillation (MED)
Project Type: Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC)


Location: Hangu, Tianjin, China
Footprint: 125m x 160m
Commission date: 2010, 2013