Q5505 – Omnipure Sediment Filter

$60.00 $29.90

The Omnipure Q5505 Water Filter Cartridge is a 5 Micron Sediment Filter that reduces dirt, sand and sediment. The Omnipure Q5505 Q-Series Filter must be used with an existing Q-Series head.
Omnipure recommends that you install the Q5505 Sediment Water Cartridge on cold water lines only. Additionally, the sediment water cartridge can be used in reverse osmosis systems, ice makers, beverage machines, refrigerators and under the sink systems.


Omnipure Q-5505 Sediment Water Cartridge specifications:

  • Fits Omnipure Twist Tap filter heads QNVH B, C, or J
  • Polypropylene depth filtration
  • Dirt, sand and sediment reduction- pre-filtration filter for carbon filtration
  • Dimensions: 254 x 65 mm
  • 5 micron rating
  • Made in USA by Omnipure
  • NSF tested and verified
  • Max. Pressure: 125 PSI ( 0.86 MPa )
  • Max. temperature: 38 deg C
  • Service life: 12 months or 9000L