Fridge Filter Omnipure (USA) Conversion Kit – Samsung, LG, Fisher & Paykel …


Omnipure (USA)  the best fridge filter conversion kits for SAMSUNG, LG, FISHER & PAYKEL AND OTHER FRIDGES AND ICE MAKERS.

Install the filter on your fridge water supply line and say goodbye to the original and expensive fridge manufacturer stuff.

Is it difficult to install?  No, if your fridge uses external inline filter. They look like ours from the kit and usually are just re-branded standard inline cartridges. Make sure your supply tube is 1/4″ ( 6.4 mm outside diameter). The cartridges are rated 125 PSI.

The most popular fridge brands using inline outside filters:

  • GE – GXRTQ, GXRTQR, GXITD, 215C1107P002, 251B6036P001
  • FISHER&PAYKEL-RF610, RF522, E522, E442, E402
  • AMANA – R0183114, R0185022
  • SAMSUNG– DA29-10105C, DA29-10105J, EF9603, WSF-100
  • WHIRLPOOL– 4378411,
  • JENNAIR– WF/12
  • DAEWOO– DD7098

How long will they last? Depending on the filter, the manufacturer recommends changing them after 6 to 12 months or 6000 litres.
How do you replace your cartridges after 12 months? If you got a new one with John Guest tube fittings,  just press on the fittings collar to remove the tube ends, insert the tubes into a new cartridges fittings. That’s it, discard the old cartridge. For people recycling the fittings, another step is needed: unscrew the fittings from the old cartridge and screw them into a new one.
What is included in the kit? One Omnipure carbon filter of your choice, two 1/4″ John Guest tube fittings, wall mounting clip and a roll of Teflon tape. 


For general use : select above Omnipure CL10RO-T40 kit- filter specs

For hard water: select above Omnipure SCL10 kit, the filter has inbuilt scale inhibitor – filter specs

For unsafe water: select above Omnipure K2520 kit, 1 micron- filter specs