8″ RO-390-FF Filmtec RO Membrane

FILMTEC™ RO reverse osmosis membrane elements deliver high flux and outstanding quality water for applications requiring sanitary grade membrane elements. The full-fit configuration minimizes stagnant areas and is optimal for applications requiring a sanitary design. All components comply with FDA standards.

  • Model: RO-390-FF
  • Tape wrapped outer shell
  • Diameter: 8.0″
  • Length: 40″
  • Applied Pressure: 225PSI
  • Nominal Capacity in GPD: 10,800
  • Maximum Pressure: 600PSI
  • Weight: 40lbs
  • Stabilized salt rejection: 99.5%
  • 28 mil feed spacer
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 113F (45C)
  • Maxium Pressure Drop: 15PSI
  • May be cleaned over the widest pH range (pH 1-13) for the most effective cleaning