8″ LE-440i Filmtec Brackish Water RO Membrane

The FILMTEC™ LE-440i membrane is a low-energy element featuring the highest active membrane area in the industry. It enables high productivity and low energy operation, while maintaining high-rejection performance, minimizing operating expense and lowering the total cost of water for industrial and municipal applications.

  • Model: LE-440i
  • Hard fiberglass outer shell
  • Diameter: 8.0″
  • Length: 40″
  • Applied Pressure: 150PSI
  • Nominal Capacity in GPD: 12,650
  • Maximum Pressure: 600PSI
  • Weight: 40lbs
  • Stabilized salt rejection: 99.3%
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 113F (45C)
  • Maxium Feed Flow Rate: 85GPM
  • Maxium Pressure Drop: 15PSI
  • 440 ft2 of active membrane surface area
  • Delivers the same permeate flow at an equivalent operating flux at 40% lower feed pressure, compared to the FILMTEC BW30-440i element.
  • Offers permeate flow rate 10 percent higher while producing similar permeate quality than that of the FILMTEC LE-400 element, enabling the lowest total cost of water in high-purity industrial applications.
  • Includes iLEC™ interlocking endcaps, which reduce system operating costs and the risk of o-ring leaks that can cause poor water quality.